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What Is CrossFit?

Posted by Jon Banks on

CrossFit is a type of physical workout program conducted by trained instructors. These are typically held in groups in the outdoors and comprise of short; high intensity workouts that train every inch of your body.

A CrossFit training cycle lasts for four to six weeks and each session is usually held for one hour. Within this time, you can expect to perform a combination of gruelling workouts and games with little interval in-between, there are some excellent examples on CrossFit Instagram website.

CrossFit characteristically follows the gruelling; non-stop; strength-sapping physical training undergone by military personnel at their camps and hence the moniker. You can check out the official CrossFit Facebook page here to see for yourself!

Workouts at CrossFit

CrossFit is popular among fitness buffs for the varied and interesting mix of workouts they offer. On any day, expect to begin your session with flexibility exercises such as running and dynamic stretches. Next, you may do different types of cardiovascular workouts; aerobics; strength training and high intensity interval training exercises.

Your CrossFit instructor can make you do the workouts as it is or combine different workouts into each round to mix and match and increase the challenge. Often, participants are divided into groups and pitted against each other in friendly games that are nonetheless highly competitive and comprise bursts of killer workouts.

Exercises include both free body calisthenics that don’t require any equipment and other workouts with cones; barbells; rubber straps etc to make them more interesting.

Steel Mace

Why do Muscles Shake During Difficult Steel Mace Workouts

Posted by Jon Banks on

While it could cause a moment of fear – quivering of your muscles after a difficult steel mace workout – the physical reaction is actually something good.

It is a sign that your body is responding positively to the steel mace workout and is gaining in strength.

So there is no need to panic and call your doctor.

Those quivering muscles are telling you that your foundation is being reinforced, and your workout has been successful.

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Reasons why muscles shake
• When the muscles get really tired after a steel mace workout, they become acidic because of accumulated hydrogen ions. For instance you are into a third round of planks. You may begin to feel a bit wobbly. This is because of pain in the muscles, causing discomfort.

When this happens a message is sent to your brain telling the body to take a break. It is a situation where you are overcome with fatigue. As you progress in your workouts and your body gains in conditioning and strength, onset of any such fatigue attack takes longer to happen. If your body is well conditioned you will experience good nerve recruitment – negating such muscle quivering.

• Another cause for muscle shaking is when you start a new steel mace workout which is challenging. This is because of the motor patterns in the brain which relay commands when walking etc. When you indulge in a new demanding activity such as split squats your brain has to decide how to control the same.

Muscle groups have to work in tandem to perform the new activity and this can result in a bit of a shakeup. You can experience this type of muscle quivering even if you have had a long break in between workouts. The return to working out can result in homeostasis – meaning the system is subjected to shock due to disruption, in turn resulting in such shaking response.

• Proper breathing technique is very important when working out. If you hold your breath your body undergoes stress and you will experience muscle shaking. You need to relax and breathe normally. If you do experience any muscle shaking, you should change your breathing rhythm to normal and the shaking will stop.

Recovering post-workout is also important. About half an hour after exercising you should replenish the glycogen in your body with foods that are muscle-building. This will ensure you are stronger and fresher for the next steel mace workout session. Also, warming up with a 4kg clubbell will increase the blood flow and make the workout feel easier.

• Every steel mace workout needs to be undertaken with caution and care. If after a heavy session you feel muscle shaking taking place, remember in some instances it could be dangerous. If you are doing weight lifting and the muscles quiver because of the force you are putting on them, you may not be able to control the same. It is then time to stop. Some workouts like lunges could be improved by adding a bit of weight for better grounding and balance. But here too, if the weight is on the heavy side you could lose your balance and be prone to injury. So in such a case it is time to stop.


Train With Kettlebell For Weight Loss

Posted by Jon Banks on

This one is pretty easy to understand. If you keep on having colas and milk shakes your workouts are not going to pay off especially in terms of weight loss.

It will take you more than two hours of kettlebell workouts to burn down one glass of sugary iced tea. To lose weight total calories ingested has to be less than total calories burnt. Anything high in sugar is by default high in calories. Stay off sugary food if you really want to achieve weight loss.

Don’t disappoint kettlebell trainer
Like you, your kettlebell trainers work hard to help you realize your weight loss goals. The moment you cheat on your diet plan and have sugary drinks you are putting all your combined hard work into danger.

By following your diet plan and staying off sugary liquids you will convince your trainer that you are serious about weight loss goals. Getting fit and healthy with kettlebell training will make you extra motivated to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t waste your money
If you are joining a kettlebell workout then you must be having some fixed goals in mind. Kettlebell workouts are not exactly free so you need to utilize the full worth of your money if you are enrolling in one. To get good return on investment avoid sugary foods. Click here for more info:

Keep Your Joint and Connective Tissues Healthy
Kettlebell training can cause much wear and tear to the body, so it’s important to actively engage in prehab and rehab training. My favorite exercises for fixing my shoulder issues is training with the Indian club. Indian clubs will promote blood flow throughout the shoulder girdle and strengthen all of the small muscles  that keep your shoulders healthy. The best clubs I have found are the Dangerously Fit Indian Clubs from The Dangerously Fit Academy.

Know What You’re Doing!
If you don’t know what you’re doing with kettlebells I strongly suggest you either hire a kettlebell coach or attend a kettlebell course. The best courses in Australia and New Zealand are again from the Dangerously Fit Academy. Dangerously Fit kettlebell courses will give you all the information you need to train with the kettlebell.