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What Is CrossFit?

Posted by Jon Banks on

CrossFit is a type of physical workout program conducted by trained instructors. These are typically held in groups in the outdoors and comprise of short; high intensity workouts that train every inch of your body.

A CrossFit training cycle lasts for four to six weeks and each session is usually held for one hour. Within this time, you can expect to perform a combination of gruelling workouts and games with little interval in-between, there are some excellent examples on CrossFit Instagram website.

CrossFit characteristically follows the gruelling; non-stop; strength-sapping physical training undergone by military personnel at their camps and hence the moniker. You can check out the official CrossFit Facebook page here to see for yourself!

Workouts at CrossFit

CrossFit is popular among fitness buffs for the varied and interesting mix of workouts they offer. On any day, expect to begin your session with flexibility exercises such as running and dynamic stretches. Next, you may do different types of cardiovascular workouts; aerobics; strength training and high intensity interval training exercises.

Your CrossFit instructor can make you do the workouts as it is or combine different workouts into each round to mix and match and increase the challenge. Often, participants are divided into groups and pitted against each other in friendly games that are nonetheless highly competitive and comprise bursts of killer workouts.

Exercises include both free body calisthenics that don’t require any equipment and other workouts with cones; barbells; rubber straps etc to make them more interesting.